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Clint McCallum- Bowel Resection

Posted by mattbarbier on Monday, February 1, 2016,

Section 3: Clint McCallum- Bowel Resection

Clint McCallum's Bowel Resection is a solo trombone work from 2011 that takes the concepts from the circular breathing and articulation sections and the pushes them to their limits while demanding a stable execution. This section explores the practical application, and expansion, of the previous exercises in the frame work of McCallum's solo.

The defining challenge of Bowel Resection is the fact that it presents a singular demand- the wor...

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Posted by mattbarbier on Monday, February 1, 2016,

Section 2: Nicholas Deyoe- facesplitter

Nicholas Deyoe's facesplitter is a work for solo trombone composed in 2011, and collaboratively revised in 2014 by Matt and Nicholas. The performing musician is asked to integrate the human element of her playing into the piece as part of an irregular mechanical function, finding a way to regulate those human elements into the work's sonic framework. Deyoe describes the piece as 'inorganic and concrete covered,' setting the challenge to create a s...

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